It’s September which means for some, cooler camping season has started. Which means smores! I never camped as a kid, but fall meant bonfires and bonfires meant smores. So I whipped together some smore scones to fill my life with smore goodness without the outdoor bugs.

My boyfriend actually loves camping and will be making me camp soon, so out into the world of bugs I go. I’m really excited about it though. Four days cut off from work emails and the internet and computers. It’ll be a good change for my life, and one I really could use right now.

But let’s talk about these scones. I’ve really been on a scones kick. It’s a weird kick to be on, but I mean, let’s make everything into a scone and eat them forever. Man, remember those blueberry, lemon, lime, mint scones? I want to eat those every day forever. But these? These are just as delicious. They’re way more desserty then the blueberry and mimosa scones, but that’s probably because these are covered in marshmallow frosting and full of chocolate.
Smores Scones
Here’s how to make them. You baggy up 1/3 of a packet of graham crackers, I think that’s about 3 crackers.